Krom River

The Krom River joins with the Elandspad River to form the Molenaars.  It is recommended for good reactive paddlers who can read water on the fly and keep a level head; it is fast. When in doubt, boof.

  • Ideal for: Creek boat
  • Grade: 4
  • Length: 2.5km from put-in to low-level bridge
  • Duration: 1½ hour
  • Type: Continuous, open
  • Put-in: Below new tunnel at parking place. Hike up the Krom river hiking path.  33°43’7.53″S  19° 6’39.72″E
  • Take-out: Bridge for Molenaars put in  33°43’51.31″S  19° 7’4.97″E
  • Levels paddleable: When Molenaars is at a medium to high level
  • Permits: None

Getting to the put in is a bit of a walk, so pack your hiking boots. Hike over the bridge that is the usual put in for the Molenaars and take the path left, following the river upstream. Keep an eye out for strainers as you walk up. You will need to ferry across the river twice in order to follow the path. After the second ferry, you will notice the river getting steeper, carry on up until the river begins to sieve through rocks. Put in below these and hang on. The Krom is a small river and when it flows strongly there is no stopping until you get to the confluence, hence the need to check for strainers on the hike up.

Take out at the bridge or carry on down for the regular Molenaars run.

Special thanks to Scott Reinders for supplying this river description.

This river description is taken from my book “Run the Rivers of Southern Africa”.
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