Guide to rivers

Orange River, 2011

This is the most comprehensive guide for paddlers to rivers in Africa. It is largely based on the guidebook Run the Rivers of Southern Africa that I wrote and published in 2001, but it is being updated and expanded on continuously.

Back in 2001, Run the Rivers of Southern Africa was considered to be very comprehensive. For years, it was the main reference for many paddlers when they planned a new river trip. But time moved on. Some rivers have changed. Access to some rivers have changed. Some new rivers have been explored. Not only that, we now have GPS, smartphones, Gopro’s, Google maps, and a myriad of other modern inventions that make trip planning easier and ultimately make river trips safer.

If you have a copy of the guidebook and know of any inaccuracies in the book, please let me know. Also, if you have a great picture or two that I could use with any of the river descriptions, please pass it on. Finally, if you have paddled any river in any African country not included in this guide yet, and you wouldn’t mind to share the love with other paddlers, let me know.