True river stories

I first used the term “African Veins” as the title of a book that I published in 2008.  The book was a compilation of river adventure stories; some by myself, some by others. The stories were diverse: from epic accounts of hardcore expeditions to humorous tales of not-so-well-executed river trips, and anything in-between. The main criteria I used for each story in the compilation were that the subject had to be one of Africa’s veins, or that Africa had to be pulsing through the veins of the author.

All the stories from the book “African Veins” will feature here. The real aim of this blog is to expand the selection though. Printing of books is expensive, but that should not prevent us from sharing the joy and the collective knowledge of African river exploration. So, if you have a good story to tell about an adventure on an African river, or if you have a good story to tell about an adventure somewhere else in the world but you were born in Africa, I would love to hear about it.

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