Great Brak River

This section of the Great Brak is the second stage of the Gariep-Fish system, and the put-in is just above the confluence of the Teebus and the Great Brak.Ideal for: Kayak, K1, croc

MAP 16

After the put-in, paddle 500m to a weir that dams both the Teebus and Brak, and portage on the right bank. Further down, two more weirs will be encountered. The first one has a runnable line on the right, but it should be scouted from the left. The second one should be portaged on the right.

Apart from the weirs, no other hazards pose danger. The river is quite open, with easy readable lines through the rapids. There are a couple of good playholes on the section as well.

This river description is taken from my book “Run the Rivers of Southern Africa”.
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