Mutale River

The Mutale is one of those unknown jewels. It offers spectacular scenery in a deep gorge and challenging rapids.Ideal for: Kayak

  • Grade: 3 to 4-
  • Length: 25km
  • Duration: Long 1 day, easy 2 day
  • Type: Pool-drop
  • Put-in: Take dirt road down to river, walk down last bit where road ends
  • Take-out: Road close to river on the right, just after gorge opens up
  • Dam controlled: Fundudzi Dam
  • Permits: None

MAP 52

The rapids are mostly of the shelf type, with not too many boulders. There are two largish rockslides that are a lot of fun, but scout them first.

One aspect of the river that might not appeal to everybody is that a few big crocodiles call it home.

This river description is taken from my book “Run the Rivers of Southern Africa”.
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